Top Crypto Trading Signals Channels

The best cryptocurrency signals channels are reputed for timely notifications and leads that help subscribers make money. In addition to good leads, trading on a liquid platform is recommended.

Trading cryptocurrency is not easy. While there is a lot of money to be made, the market is still very young, unpredictable, and full of disinformation and scammers.

This is why it is highly important then that you keep up to date with what is happening and thoroughly judge your options.

An ideal way to keep in control is by utilizing informative tools that provide cutting-edge info on what is happening and help you make difficult choices. And one of the best ways to do this is with trading signals for cryptocurrency.

How are Cryptocurrency Signals Made?

Now, this is quite important to understand if truly want to sign up to a reliable service. Trading signals are not anything new, in fact, they have been around for quite a while, used largely by those in the forex industry.

Most signals services for cryptocurrency originally started out delivering only Bitcoin signals, but as cryptocurrency market began to expand exponentially, so did the number of signal providers and cryptocurrency signals.

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Signals can be made in two different ways – by a human analyst or by a robot – and both ways have their pluses and minuses.

Human Analyst

As you can guess these signals are provided by real people. These analysts watch the market and create reports. They must have a very high level of market experience.


Many signals providers today work with robots that analyze the market using complex algorithms and send signals automatically.

Although robots can be more accurate, they lack the common sense that humans do and so it is important that they are monitored. The quality of signals from robot providers can vary significantly.

Checking How Their Service is Provided

Once you have found a service that you think is reputable, do some research and find out how their service works.

If it is easily found, explained and logical, chances are you may have a good service you can trust. But, if you find that this information is hidden and impossible to find, then the origins of their signals can be treated with suspicion.

Depending on how the signals are delivered, try to contact the signal providers’ customer service to get your questions answered.

How Can I Benefit from Cryptocurrency Signals?

Cryptocurrency Signals

Signals services can be a great benefit for traders of all backgrounds and levels of skill. Using a signals service is highly beneficial for newbies who are still learning how trading or cryptocurrency works.

By using a signals service, you can trade while you learn. In some groups, you will be able to communicate with other members and discuss why such actions are recommended, which can allow you to develop your trading skills.

Additionally, it can show you how trading works as you will start to notice trends, which can give you the confidence to one day make your own trades without the assistance of signals.

There are also many traders that utilize a number of signals at once. By having a variety, you can increase your certainty when deciding to buy or sell. This method can also help you see which signal providers are more accurate.

Remember: You don’t always have to act upon the signals you receive. Judge them yourself and if you feel that the actions they are suggesting are justifiable then act. But, if you feel that they might be wrong, don’t feel obliged to do what they suggest.

If you can’t be entirely sure if they are a correct, step aside and watch the market to see if what they said will happen or not.

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Key Things Signal Providers Can Show You

Sadly, most of us are unable to watch the market 24/7 and, even if we were, we wouldn’t always pick up all the details. Buying and selling are only part of a signals service.

  • Change in volume.
  • Changes in interest rates.
  • High volatility.
  • Technical patterns.
  • Beginning and ends of cycles.

Remove Emotion from Your Trades

The cryptocurrency market is full of ‘emotional traders’ who know little about trading. They often get overly excited when prices skyrocket and panic when prices start jittering. This also plays a part in why cryptocurrency trading is so volatile.

By signing up to a trustworthy service, you can prevent yourself from becoming an emotional trader. Instead, you can focus solely on the facts in front of you and make logical choices.

Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paraly

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Analysis paralysis can cripple almost any novice trader and scare them away from trading altogether. This is where a trader gets so caught up in analyzing the data that they never actually make a trade and miss opportunities.

No matter what opportunity is staring them in the face, to them, there is still a chance of something bad happening.

Eventually, if a trader does not overcome this, they will start to lose confidence in themselves and may stop trading completely.

By using a signals provider, it can give traders back that confidence, informing them what decision to make and when.

Trade Only When you Need to

Trading signals are also to those who don’t have time to watch a screen all day. They may have a full-time job for example or other priorities that keep them from trading 24/7.

By signing up to a trading signal service, such people can trade only when they need to and save themselves precious time.

Buy into New Cryptocurrencies Safely

If you are trading cryptocurrency, you likely have built up a fair amount of knowledge about one or two currencies already. However, trading one or two pairs has its limitations because if they are both stables there is little money to be made.

In cases like these, it’s good to have some other markets to fall back on to trade until your primary markets start to fluctuate more again.

But, the problem is you don’t know much about the other coins on offer. With cryptocurrency signals, you can safely enter and exit these markets without knowing much about them.

By having a diversified portfolio, you are more secure as you are not putting ‘all of your eggs in one basket’.

Develop a Better Understanding of How Trading Works

Trading signals are not just to advise you when to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’, they can also offer much more complex insights as well.

Some services can even provide you with pump notifier trading signals which inform trades when a crypto is being pumped, among other signals.

A key thing to look for if learning to trade from your signal provider is if they offer in-depth reports and analyses of the market. Such material can be priceless to new traders.

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How are Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Received?

Signals Received

You can receive them in a variety of ways. Depending on your trading style, it is important to consider in which way would be most beneficial for you to receive them.

Not all the options listed below are available for all signal services, but, they represent the best cryptocurrency channels:

Text Message

This method was more popular in the past and is slowly being faded out, especially as it can be more expensive than other methods. Despite this, there are still plenty of individuals who would prefer to receive their notifications in this way.


More popular in the past, particularly when trading signals first started being shared. They do, however, have an advantage over other signal services in that they can provide much larger reports to their followers which can include statistics and analysis.

On top of that, they can also provide traders new with useful things like Bittrex trading tips, for example, and other educational materials easier than other methods.

Desktop Notifications

A number of signal providers can send you notifications on your browser. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, then this is quite useful. However, this may mean you can miss some vital signals when you’re not in front of your screen.

Telegram (Telegram Trading)

Very recently crypto Telegram groups have risen to become one of the main ways many traders receive cryptocurrency signals.

While there are some that are solely Bitcoin Telegram channels, many of these groups focus on a variety of coins, sometimes even suggesting very new or obscure coins.

If you are only looking to trade Bitcoin and you are not interested in altcoins, it is advisable to look into Telegram groups for Bitcoin only as this way you will not receive signals that are not useful to you.

Telegram crypto signals are perhaps some of the easiest follow and it’s likely they will continue to grow in popularity, outpacing other methods. Many signal services also have websites and before you sign up to them, it is a good idea to check them out first.

Additional Things to Consider

Things to Consider

You don’t want your signals service to become a nuisance; it should be useful and fit in with your lifestyle and trading style.

Ensure that the frequency in which the signals are sent is not a problem for you. While some may not mind receiving five or six signals at 2a.m., for many this would just be annoying. On top of that, the signals should really be worth your time.

If you stand to gain only a very minor profit, this might not be useful to you. Ideally, you want your signals provider to be notifying you when big changes are coming.

Further to the above, make sure you know what kind of trading style you want to emulate. Are you someone who wants to trade long or short? Make sure your signals provider is appropriate for your choice.

What are the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Signals?

Because there is so much disinformation surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we decided to make this comprehensive list of only the best cryptocurrency channels.

It is also important to remember that just because a service is top-rated, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. The signals service should also fit in with your trading style.

It is highly advisable to stick only to well-known signals providers that have a strong following and good reviews.

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Be cautious when introduced to small providers with little information published about them online.

Crypto Group Limited was one such company and it managed to scam many naive traders before the company was dissolved earlier this year.

Here are the top five cryptocurrency signal providers:

1. Blockchain Whispers

Blockchain Whisper

Snapshot of BW webpage header. Author’s Image.

Blockchain Whispers is a highly reputable service, trusted by more than 90,000 followers on Telegram as of October 2018, and supposedly controls up to 1% of the entire market.

Their track record is very impressive with many referring to their sharp 23/24 accuracy rate at the beginning of the year and how the managed to predict the decline of Bitcoin. Such success has garnered them a reputation for being the best crypto group on Telegram.

Primarily they provide a free crypto signals service via telegram which is highly profitable. But they also offer a premium service as well which provides followers with additional coins they can invest in.

To sign up for the premium service, a follower has to message a moderator and then pay a monthly subscription fee of 0.147 BTC, which as of October 30th, 2018, cost approximately $920.02.

Blockchain Whispers also has a third membership group; the management club, where your account will be managed on their behalf.

This account is fairly pricey though as it requires a minimum of 30 BTC, as well as 10 BTC management fee and you will also be charged an additional 35% of what your investment made.
Aside from their signal service, they also provide their followers with educational material.

Additional material such as this is highly beneficial and provides further proof of their legitimacy and helps traders develop as they trade.

2. Crypto-Addicts

Crypto Addicts

A snapshot of Crypto-Addicts webpage header. Author’s Image.

Crypto-Addicts are a hugely influential Belgium-based signals service that has gained a large following on Telegram. They refer to themselves as an ‘All-In-One’ solution for crypto investments and are known for their top-quality analyses.

Their magazine titled the ‘Diamond Report’, which given out to their followers is also well-known and offers traders insightful signal trader opinions. They also offer a Telegram crypto bot, which they claim is the most powerful.

It should be mentioned though that Crypto-Addicts operate solely through Binance or BitMex, and so to make use of their services, you should ideally be signed up to one of these exchanges.

Additionally, you can also follow them on Twitter. Whether you are a bitcoin or altcoin trader, you have something to help your trades.

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3. OPC Premium

Opc Premium

OPC Logo Snapshot. Author’s Image.

OPC (which stands for On Point Crypto) Premium is another signal channel that operates only on Telegram. Based in Germany, this team of international cryptocurrency experts has built a loyal following of 4,000 traders.

Their service stands out as truly unique as they segment their subscribers into different groups, providing them only with the signals that are useful to them. This way followers are not bombarded with signals that are not useful to them.

OPC Premium is also renowned for their quick replies to questions and offers paid clients a closed chat service in which they can get in contact with each other.

4. InfoCrypto


InfoCrypto hoempage snapshot. Author’s Image.

InfoCrypto offers its clients a wide range of services on top of crypto signals via Telegram. The team is highly experienced in providing trade signals for cryptocurrency, with the founder previously working for another well-known signals service from Brazil.

Much of their reputation is based on the wider scope they deliver their followers, such as an explanation of the state of the market and advice on how to act in different trading situations.

InfoCrypto’s service has been praised as one of the best by and they claim to have achieved a 95% accuracy rate.

They offer their users four different membership plans: monthly membership at $99; three months membership at $240; six months membership at $450; and lifetime membership at $990.

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5. TurtleBC


Turtle BC Tradeview snapshot. Author’s Image

TurtleBC is an exceptional provider of altcoin trading signals, delivering signals for 201 different coins.

TurtleBC’s service is based on the legendary turtle trading strategy which they explain as “to buy if a market exceeded the highest price for a particular number of preceding days, to sell when the price goes lower than the lowest low of the several previous days.”

This strategy is especially useful for those who cannot spend too much time trading and removes any fear of missing out.

TurtleBC is relatively cheap and provides its users with two packages: $60 per month; or $600 per year.

That said, TurtleBC is a little old school, only providing its followers with signals via email. Sign up to their service only if you feel that their strategy will fit in with your trading style.

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What to Take Home from all this?

Don’t rush into making a choice, the time it takes you to research the different providers will be worth it in the end. Finding the right provider is not just about following the one that has the most followers.

It’s also important that they offer a service that works for you, offering the signals you want, in a way you want, and at a time and frequency, you want.

As a trader, all the decisions you make are up to you. You don’t always have to say ‘yes’ to what your signal provider is telling you.

A final thing to remember; it’s not just what signals provider you use, but also where you use that information. If your trading platform use has poor quality liquidity, you may miss key trades advised by your signal provider.

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