Top Crypto Trading Signals Channels on Telegram

Best Crypto Trading Signals Channels on Telegram
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Cryptocurrency trading has become very profitable around the globe as it posts returns that dwarf the stock market.

In examining how best to trade cryptos, there is no doubt that there is an avalanche of tokens to choose from. However, this is where crypto signals on Telegram come in.

A crypto signal gives you an indication that could make you either buy, sell, or hold your tokens and coins. Some crypto signals are very reliable and well-researched, while others are not. Ordinarily, crypto signals should emanate from reputed crypto-analysts and market watchers.

In terms of price movement, there is no doubt that a range of factors will be responsible in looking at underlying drivers.

An impending boardroom decision, global upheavals, regulatory decisions as well as the presence or absence of competition play a role.

How are Crypto Signals Disseminated?

In financial markets, there is no doubt that a lot can happen within split seconds, and this has been proven again and again.

A major decision can be made at some time, and within a few minutes, the market reacts unpredictably.

The nature of crypto trading requires that a fast and real-time message platform is made available. This is where Telegram makes a difference.

Telegram works on web and mobile platforms, and alerts can be delivered to your mobile phones.

Some crypto signals require that you pay a subscription fee, and some others will provide free signals and a premium component. Crypto signals can be received by specific user communities on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Telegram or WhatsApp.

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Why Crypto Signals are Profitable?

Crypto signals are profitable to follow as they give you an indication of market movement. Acting on these can help you:

  • To minimize loss with a quick sell-off if prices are headed downhill
  • To make money as you buy low as prices surge
  • Stop a sell-off and hold as prices recover
  • Hold in expectation of a price surge
  • Identify profitable cryptos to buy.

To be honest, keeping an eye on the news and developments around 1,000+, tokens and coins is herculean. it is surely a tasking job to do.

This data gathering effort needed for crypto Telegram signals no doubt calls for a deployment of trained hands.

How are Crypto Signals Timed?

Crypto Telegram Signals are sent round-the-clock, and this means that signals come on a 24-hour basis. However, these signals can also be grouped as follows:


These need to be acted upon as the opportunity can close in a few hours and reverse. This means you must take immediate action. This might result when a price surge arises that is not explainable.


These might require some days to reach the intended forecasts. In this case, the purpose is to cash in immediately and follow the lead. Some uncertainty over developments that need verification can trigger this.


Crypto signals can be long term, and there are a few indications. Do not lose sight of the fact that long-term in financial markets only last a few weeks, at most.

For example, the EOS and Bitcoin Cash price run was able to hold for 3-5weeks in Q1/Q2.

What are the Crypto Signals to Avoid?

It is evident that crypto signals also give rise to uncertainty and doubts in the crypto marketplace.

While the intention is always to help the subscriber, some have been used to drive token or coin prices artificially.

In other words, some groups use crypto Telegram signals to shore up the price or drive it down, depending on their intention. While reputable signaling does not encourage this, some spooks do this by spamming Telegram chat rooms.

The crypto Telegram signals that have spammy features should be avoided. Here are some tips:

  • They are posted in chatrooms of separate subject matter
  • They are posted by new group members
  • Makes no reference to any originating community homepage.

By refusing to act on spammy crypto signals, you can avoid losing money to false leads.

How to Interpret Crypto Signals

How to Interpret Crypto Signals

When many crypto buyers see charts and graphs, they are largely intimidated. There is no need for intimidation as it is merely information shown in pictorial form. As the purpose of this guide is to help you, technical jargons are minimized here.

What you should do as a crypto trader is to make sure you spread your risks as much as possible. This can be done by:

  • Trading across the terms-for example T1, T2, T3 represents the immediate investment window. Outside of this threshold, prices spikes would rarely occur. So, you are able to spread your risks consistently across the investment window
  • Using a stop-loss helps you minimize losses in such a way that you do not sell below your break-even price. This is the price level that equates your cost with sales. Many people ignore this rule and bite their thumbs later
  • Don’t jump into unknown territory, and this can be a new crypto, profit multiplier or crypto signal guru. The Warren Buffet Rule is to trade what you know and not follow the hype
  • Never trade what you cannot afford to lose, and this is crucial. Many upstarts want a quick-money making scheme, and they pour in all they have got into a trade. Experts teach that you should not be exposed to any investment above 30% of your networth.

What are the Best Crypto Signals Channel

Blockchain Whispers

This channel[1] has a large following that presently peaks at 92,684. It is free to join, and also provides additional snippets to premium members.

The premium members get a dose more of select tokens and coins that are set to rise in price. The investment calls have an accuracy rate of 23/24. You are told when to sell off, buy, or hold on to a crypto.

As for the free signals provided to members of the channel, as at Q2 2018, it was estimated that members have up to 175% gains on the crypto picks. The premium members have more to gain. You can get premium recommendations if you pay a 0.147BTC subscription fee monthly.

You need to PM the channel moderator to become a premium member. This channel also has a fund management outlet.

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And to join the fund management club, you need to provide a minimum of 30 BTC, and it will be managed on your behalf. The management fee is 10 percent of the amount you invest and 35 percent of the profit made.

So far, the published reports on the premium members point to a happy membership. Not surely for everyone.

Here is what their advisory looks like:

Blockchain Whispers

No 2 Best Channel – Goldman Stacks
The Goldman Stacks channel is a very recent Telegram channel which was created during the bear market.

Although, it is a small channel, yet it has the tendency to grow at a fast pace considering the way it started out. The cost for using the channel is 0.05BTC/month.

Goldman Stacks is also good for providing a very good balance of Technical Analysis (TA) which helps you trade better. Also, a lot of coins on this channel usually reach their targets because of the discretion and technical know-how that the experts and researchers put into it.

Furthermore, they get updated on their calls, and they can also trace the effectiveness of their calls too.

No 1 Loser – Cryptoland
This channel is known for stealing signals and charts from other channels. In addition, they provided a lot of signals during the bear market; and following those signals would result in a great loss on your part.

No 2 Loser – Palm Beach Signals
Like Cryptoland, they also provide too many signals. However, a greater problem is observed in their risk analysis.

The risk is too high to invest for the purpose of trading. In fact, experiencing loss is expected here because of the nature of their services.

Palm Beach Signals

No 1 Mediocre Channel – Cryptonizers
On Cryptonizers’ channel, there is a blend of good calls and bad calls too. In fact, they recently experienced both “bull” and “bear” markets; and they did quite well in the bull markets. Unfortunately, they got a lot of wrong calls in the bear market.

They are actually smart in their trading methodology; however, it is very hard to make profits on their channel.

No 2 Mediocre Channel – Asian Whales
Asian Whales are skillful when it comes to finding coins, but they lack the wherewithal to provide or even understand details about the coins they find and supply.

They just seem to be all about finding accumulated coins, selling them during distribution; and that is all.

Despite the fact that they give room for a lifetime membership, their inefficacies in other aspects make them to be a lesser choice to make. Moreover, they have a low quantity of signals, unlike the other channels.

Reviewer’s Preferences

Blockchain Whispers have a huge following, and they identify lots of suggested cryptos that you can invest on.

With a possible rate of return put at up to 400% or more for premium crypto picks, this is the leading crypto signals provider at present.

However, if you do not stand the use of foul language, this is the wrong channel for you.

Are There Different Crypto Signals?

As seen from the three reviewed crypto signals powerhouses, they provide similar information, but, with unique viewpoints.

Some crypto signals are focused on the unknown coins and tokens, mostly outside the Top 100, but with consistent appreciation.

There are crypto telegram signals providers that focus on the Top 50 tokens and coins, and yea, that is their niche. Others will provide a mix of all tokens and coins that have profit prospects, and you might go for this class if you prefer established coins and tokens.

The question someone might ask is-do these crypto signals always hit the projections? Sometimes no, but, mostly above 70 percent of forecasts are realized.

Last Words

Providing advisories depends on information and timing. Sometimes, the projections might fail. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand what you are investing in.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of how cryptos work before you invest, and never put in more than you can afford to lose.

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