10 Bitcoin Documentaries that You Should Not Skip to Watch

The top 10 must-see bitcoin documentaries shaping the future of the blockchain revolution.
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To many, it seems that Bitcoin and blockchain are revolutionary new technologies that popped out of nowhere. However, while it did sort of just “pop-up,” Bitcoin has been around since 2009.

Sure, it’s still a new technology with so much untapped potential, but Bitcoin has grown a ton in that time.

We’ve seen its use cases, and the network has proven that decentralization works. On top of this, there’s still so little we know about it all.

For example, Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown. What will Bitcoin be in 10 years?

Why is it so volatile?

These are all fascinating questions we’d love to know the answer to. As you may know, Bitcoin is incredibly resistant to control.

It’s a currency that subverts any sort of central authority. The underlying technology, the blockchain, presents transactions in a new way.

Governance and community are essential on the platform, as are the new Altcoins coming out every day.

It’s a topic that enthusiasts are always dying to know more on. There are countless Medium articles, start-ups, and other spaces to read about it online.

However, it can be tough to trust some of this information. Some places don’t cite their sources, while others push out fake data to force an agenda.

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There are books to read on the topic, but in the modern age, we like to consume video content. This is where documentaries come in.

Bitcoin obsessives have gone in deep and put together well-researched documentaries to share their findings.

These movies help present information on a tough topic in a digestible way. Some of them are entertaining, accessible looks, while others are more information based.

Either way, this list will showcase some quality Bitcoin documentaries you must watch to expand your knowledge on the topic.

Why Watch Bitcoin Documentaries?

Watch Bitcoin Documentaries

Before we get into them, however, we should discuss why it’s vital to watch Bitcoin documentaries.

First off, these are widely researched, years-long processes put into a condensed format. In the modern age of consistent things vying for our attention, the short time frame is essential.

Also, while most articles are worth reading, a majority are still the result of a couple of days’ research.

Documentaries take years to make, with dozens of people looking over them. Information is verified by multiple minds and, because of this long time frame, it must be long-term data.

Trends and quick-passing information won’t stick around here. Instead, documentaries must tackle information that lasts. These video pieces are so important, in fact, that there’s even a crypto-documentary film festival, The Bitfilm Festival.

However, not all Bitcoin documentaries are worth a watch. When searching through different movies, make sure you pay attention to the following points:

  • Is this information cited and sourced well?
  • Does this movie answer the big questions?
  • How is the information portrayed? Is it condensed well-enough, or too dense/light?
  • Does this project benefit from being in video form?

As you read through this list, you’ll learn which documentaries tackle the excellent subjects – and appropriately for that matter.

What are the 10 Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaries?

1. Bitcoin in Uganda

Bitcoin in Uganda is a moving project. This documentary does a fantastic job of showcasing how Bitcoin and the blockchain can help third-world countries.

The project is a short story detailing a child who receives Bitcoin from his sister in the USA. He spends it on his education, furthering his life.

Behind the scenes: Ugandans face a complicated life. Families are often being sent money from relatives in America as they can’t make it in Uganda.

However, transfer fees are high so Bitcoin can help avoid them. The film premiered at the Bitcoin2014 Conference, with two related movies planned in the future.

2. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Created in 2014 by Torsten Hoffman and Michael Watchulonis, this documentary attacks banking systems.

It showcases the practices banks use to take over uneducated people and control the world. Governments are exposed in this footage, making an excellent case for Bitcoin as a whole.

Behind the scenes: Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The film is 60 minutes long and won best feature film at The Bitfilm Festival.

3. Life on Bitcoin

Life on Bitcoin

Right now, Bitcoin is shunned because it isn’t ideal for traditional spendings like groceries or coffee. Life on Bitcoin challenges this notion. It follows a couple who spent 100 days only using Bitcoin, proving that it is even possible.

Behind the scenes: The couple lived in a small town, making their experiment a bit difficult. They had to travel all over to find gas stations that accept Bitcoin.

Sometimes they even convinced merchants to allow the digital asset. Life on Bitcoin has been submitted to a few festivals.

4. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had many ups and downs since its inception in 2009. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin details these events, looking more in-depth on all the big news stories.

The creators love Bitcoin so much, they’ve even described it as the “largest social-economic experiment ever conducted.”

Behind the scenes: This documentary features a variety of big named Bitcoin influencers. The Winklevoss twins, members of Mt. Gox, and even someone from the Bitcoin Foundation make appearances.

5. I am Satoshi

I am Satoshi

I am Satoshi explores the potential of Bitcoin. It showcases the open-source technology and details how it can change the economic world. The film focuses on this stuff from a detective standpoint, rather than pushing it as fact.

Behind the scenes: The project won “Most Creative Video” at a 2014 Blockchain awards event. It runs 52 minutes long and is sort of a montage of different interviews on the topic. Over 50 interviews have been conducted from all over the world for I am Satoshi.

6. The Bitcoin Doco

While some documentaries focus on Bitcoin helping underdeveloped spaces, The Bitcoin Doco takes a worldwide view on it. Here, personal stories from the mainstream to the under-realized are told. It focuses on the community surrounding Bitcoin and how it changes their lives.

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Behind the scenes: As a three-part mini-series, the two behind this doc wants to educate the world on Bitcoin. Australian filmmakers Chris Mylrae and Dale Dickens worked together to make it, releasing on YouTube and Vimeo.

7. The Bitcoin Gospel

Created by Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” this 45-minute documentary goes through Bitcoin’s history. It also details the main aspects of cryptocurrencies in general, its potential and its current use cases.

Behind the scenes: Lots of big names are here in the doc. Andreas Antonopoplus, Brett Scott, and Peter Todd just to name a few. The Bitcoin Gospel also exposes Ver’s own life in Bitcoin and even beforehand.

8. Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin explores the world before Satoshi revealed the revolutionary technology. It covers history such as the Slik Road, Mt. Gox, and other early crypto stories soon afterward.

Behind the scenes: Banking on Bitcoin is here to explain the basics behind Bitcoin and crypto in general. Released in 2016, beginners are the target audience. Regulations and the top 18 cryptos are also explored, making this doc an excellent starting point.

9. Bitcoins in Argentina

Another locational documentary, Bitcoins in Argentina showcases the digital assets potential to subvert government currencies.

Ideally, the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin is an ideal way to get around economy collapses and changes.

Behind the scenes: This doc was published by BitcoinFilm.org, who also made Bitcoin in Uganda.

Oddly enough, the country has been resistant to Bitcoin even after the release of the documentary. Regardless, this film does a great job of educating the public on blockchain technology.

10. Magic Money

Magic Money

Magic Money tackles the fear of economic collapse and the frequent discussion around it. Is Bitcoin the only way to avoid these issues? Why are countries preparing for the rise of the digital asset? Magic Money details what would happen if Bitcoin succeeds in stealing control back from governments.

Behind the scenes: The film ran for 55 minutes and was published by Journeyman Pictures. It’s an Australian film that released to great acclaim early last year.

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As you know, Bitcoin and crypto, in general, is in a very precarious place in the world. Governments, people, and even enthusiasts aren’t entirely sure what to do with the technology. That said, these documentaries are essential in educating the world on these topics.

The potential for Bitcoin and blockchain is incredibly real. While a lot of discussions is somewhat speculative, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Discussion leads to more research which eventually leads to the truth through education.

Documentaries are an easily-digestible way to present sound information such as this. The fact that there are so many out there is fantastic.

Plus, there is even the Bitfilm Festival to showcase even more quality videos. On top of it all, these pieces of content are only an hour or two long. They’re highly researched and detail essential points about this technology.

Hopefully, you’ll use this list to pick the right films to educate yourself on Bitcoin and its potential.

Use cases, this new technology, and the current state of Bitcoin are all worth knowing. Who knows, maybe your knowledge will push you into the cryptocurrency sphere to do great work.

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