Bitcoin News

Warren Buffet's Statement on Bitcoin
By Demi Oye

What To Make of Warren Buffett’s Flip Flop Stance on Bitcoin

Warren Buffett's Statement on Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Shutterstock Images Warren Buffett needs no introduction. He i...

Lightning Network
By Felix Kirui

The Lightning Network: Resolving Bitcoin’s Scaling Issues

The Lightning Network is a payment protocol that operates on blockchain digital currencies. Shutterstock Images Block...

JP Morgan
By Natacha Rousseau

Is JP Morgan’s JPM Coin a Cryptocurrency or Just an Internal Payments System?

What would JP Morgan Chase say about the JPM Coin? Shutterstock Images The 15th of February 2019 has now become a mi...

By Barbora Juhaszova

Bitcoin ETF 2019: Anticipating Institutional Cryptocurrency Investments

A Bitcoin-ETF would be an investment medium using Bitcoin as the main asset. Regulators have been ...

ICO might be declining now
By Kayleigh Charlotte

ICO Popularity May Be Dwindling, But Their Influence Isn’t Gone For Good

ICO might be declining now, but experts say that it holds a great future. Shutterstock Images Even with talk of ICO...

Bitcoin Price Manipulation
By Moss Clement

How the Bitcoin Price Manipulation puts Cryptocurrencies’ Trust at Risk?

A few years back when cryptocurrency was first introduced to the market, only a handful of invests took the plunge and i...

bitcoin hacks
By Michele Mazibuko

5 Bitcoin Hacks that Shaped Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

No doubt when a single bitcoin cost around $0.06 in 2009, dropping a few percent in value wasn’t that big a deal. ...

bitcoin documentaries
By Maxwell Moeller

10 Bitcoin Documentaries that You Should Not Skip to Watch

Introduction To many, it seems that Bitcoin and blockchain are revolutionary new technologies that popped out of nowher...

Bitcoin Loan Networks
By Adolph Obasogie

The Best Person-to-Person Bitcoin Loan Networks (Bitcoin P2P Loans)

Introduction The world has gone digital and there are many things we do now which avoids a long process before it gets ...

bitcoin myths
By Mauro Sacramento

Debunked: The Top 5 Bitcoin Myths & Misconceptions

It's hard to believe Bitcoin will be a decade old next year -- it seems as if it was yesterday the mysterious digital cu...

Atomic Swap
By Joseph Guida

Atomic Swap Will Drop a Bomb on the Crypto Industry – Here’s Why

In late 2017, Bitcoin took the world by storm, but as the public began to learn about how many cryptocurrencies were ava...

Bitcoin Gold Fork
By Felix Kirui

Bitcoin Gold Fork – Learn [New Strategies] to 2X Your Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)? The Bitcoin cryptocurrency forked to create Bitcoin Gold, in a bid to reduce the coin's min...