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About Blockchain Whispers

Today, I write to you as an extremely skeptical crypto-trader who needs to share a story of incredible profits.

There’s a Telegram channel that I joined near its beginning, in early January of 2018.

At this time, the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group had only 200 members. (There’s well over 90,000 members at the time of writing by the way)

To find out insider news, before-the-public, I advise you to bookmark

At this stage, Blockchain Whispers had already experienced an incredible 8/8 accuracy in their alt-coin signals.

Anyone who has been in crypto-trading for any amount of time knows that 8 correct calls out of 8 are already an impressive track record…

However, what made me REALLY start to take notice, was when the free Blockchain Whisper’s group made their 12th correct signal out of 12 pick – still 100% accuracy.

The impressive free signal was DigixDao – DGD coin

It didn’t take long after his tip for DGD to see a truly incredible 73.54% increase…

This one trade transformed some spare change in my Binance account into an incredible meal out in an expensive restaurant with my girlfriend. We loved the food… and the champagne!

The free Blockchain Whisper’s signal team suggested we buy the DGD coin at the 0.0138 BTC price indicated by the arrow. We were then signaled to set our sell price around 0.021 BTC. As you can see from the CoinMarketCap chart, DGD’s value went even higher than signaled.

The Thing Is… This Was Only The Beginning

Not 1 week later, this Blockchain Whisper’s free signals group boasted a track record of an astounding 23/24 successful pick, for a total profit of 3594%.

Yes, the group administrator consistently provides exact numbers to buy and sell between…

(At this stage, I’d like to note that the 1 failed pick came with a recommended stop-loss at around 10%. This pales in significance compared to the incredible gains of the other 23 recommendations)

However, I am naturally a skeptical individual. As any trader who’s protective of his investment portfolio should be…

This free signals group had already earned some devout followers. Not to mention convincing people to put their money where their mouth was and join the paid Blockchain Whisper’s premium signals group.

At the time, I talked with a few members who had made the decision to enter the premium signals group. They described it as “the Blockchain Whisper’s free group… but on steroids”

I couldn’t even fathom a signals group that was offering even better returns than the current 3594% profits. Let alone on steroids in comparison.

That Was, Until The Fateful Day Of January 16th

Every alt-coin was in the red. There was ‘blood across the charts’, as fellow crypto-traders would say. Except for a small handful of coins, that is.

One coin in particular was ARN. It was still in the beautiful green of profits. Not only that, it was profiting wildly

Guess what?

This ARN coin was another of Blockchain Whisper’s free signals. We were hinted to buy in around 0.000185 BTC and sell at 0.0003315 BTC.

My personal Binance ARN trade on January 17th, as per Blockchain Whisper’s free group signal.

I “only” made 17% on a day when almost every other alt-coin declined heavily in value


Sadly, I made a BIG mistake… My eyes were tired from refreshing the different exchange websites, worrying about the coins in my portfolio. I accidentally set my sell-price for ARN at a “measly” 0.0002218 – which represented a “small” 17% profit.

Now, on a day when almost every coin was losing value, you would safely assume that a 17% profit would bring a smile to your face.

And you’re right. It certainly did for me.

Let me tell you this though: Had I followed Blockchain Whisper’s suggested sell signal at 0.0003315 BTC, I would have enjoyed an absolutely unbelievable 75% profits. This on a day that 99% of crypto-traders were losing money.

Crypto traders
Here, we can see the suggested ARN buy price of 0.00018 BTC. The graph shows that Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group came close to predicting the highest value for ARN in this time period when they suggested selling at 0.0003315 BTC

As you can see, this 0.0003315 BTC sell signal was achieved – there were many members celebrating in the separate Telegram member group chat.

Soon after these successes, the price of the Blockchain Whisper’s Premium signal group rose from 0.01 to 0.067 Btc. I was beginning to understand why as well. This incredibly valuable service that the group’s administrator was providing seemed to justify the increased membership price.

I only wished I had joined the premium signal’s group at this stage. But as I mentioned earlier, I’m an extremely skeptical person. Not even these mounting successes, one after the other, was able to convince me.


As if being FREE and insanely profitable wasn’t enough, here is how this Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group started to uniquely differentiate itself from all the other crypto-trading Telegram groups

The Group Administrator Also Offers You A Free Crypto-Trading Education.

He explains the basics of both fundamental and technical analysis. Recent examples would include educating the group’s members about how world events like; the Chinese New Year, G20 world summits, and the U.S. SEC hearings can alter the general public’s Bitcoin perception. Which, he explained, can subsequently affect the price of both Bitcoin and alt-coins.

As interest grew for not only his profitable coin trading signals, but for educational material to help each and every member make decisions and trade more effectively… The admin decided to start his “technical analysis school” – Where he released a series of lengthy (up to 11 minutes for some) FREE videos of his signals analysis team.

In these videos, the team of experts would break down everything to do with; technical analysis, charting, and how to identify ideal price-points to both purchase and sell coins.

Waking up in the morning and checking my phone had now become more useful than any college course I’d ever taken.

In less than 2 days’ time, late on February 2nd, Bitcoin’s price dropped sharply to the group administrator’s predicted level of around $7900. No one in the other crypto Telegram groups, far less the general public, saw this coming.

Here we had an entirely FREE Telegram group that was giving out not only wildly profitable crypto-trading signals but also offering an incredible education to help its members understand the logic and theory behind successful investing.

What more could you ask for, I started to wonder?

Well, turns out there was even more that the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group could offer…

To find out insider news, before-the-public, I advise you to bookmark

You see, on the 1st of February 2018, everyone was quite bullish on Bitcoin. All other groups that I kept tabs on were recommending buy after buy after buy.

So you could imagine my surprise when the members of the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group received an entirely contradictory message. Early in the morning, the administrator – backed by his excellent research team – started warning everyone to move their portfolio into USD or USDT.

The claims were incredible – Bitcoin was dropping to $7,900.

Even after their almost unbelievable track record that now stood at well over 35 correct signals in a row, a few members in the Telegram chat channel were calling this prediction crazy.

To be fair, I had a hard time believing it as well. Besides, the price of bitcoin was around $10,300 at the time of this uncanny message.

“It’s actually frightening how accurate your educated guess on the bounce of bitcoin was…”
Christopher, February 2nd, 2.43am

In less than 2 days’ time, late on February 2nd, Bitcoin’s price dropped sharply to the group administrator’s predicted level of around $7900. No one in the other crypto Telegram groups, far less the general public, saw this coming.

An almost unpredictable 25% price drop in value and every member in this free Blockchain Whisper’s group was spared the pain – All while the general public looked on in disbelief and saw their portfolio value drop.

“You have saved me and made me probably around $15k in last week’s BTC dip. Being in your free channel beats paying other paid channels for sure!”
Anonymous, March 12th, 7:59pm

After these spookily accurate bitcoin predictions, word of this free Blockchain Whisper’s group started to spread like wildfire. Interest was rapidly rising. (It had increased to around 14 thousand members by this point, from word of mouth)

People were starting to appreciate how this free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group was not only helping their members profit but save money as well

“Hello. Just now joined your channel. And your last call on Bitcoin is spot on. Just in a few hours, BTC price is down more than $1,000. Never saw someone who can predict BTC price like that”
Anonymous, February 3rd, 2:44am

“Honestly, I was anxious. Before I got into this paid group, I wondered if this would be a scam or (I would) lose my money. Even in this bear market you have an insight and gave us the trust we needed. When BTC bounced back from 7.8k, I couldn’t believe my eyes, because you said yesterday, it will go down till approximately 7.9k. When my monthly fee is over, I go in for one year, that’s for sure”
A happy Belgium investor, February 3rd, 4:20am

During these extremely bearish periods for Bitcoin, the administrator and his team seized the opportunity to educate their free group members on how to “short” a coin. That is, ‘betting’ that a coin will decrease in value, rather than increase.

This is a tactic that advanced crypto-traders utilize while coins are losing value, so they can still make profits for themselves.

The educational material that taught the group members about “shorting” proved very effective:

“I’m so grateful for you LTC call, it was a blessing”
David, who made 380% profits shorting Litecoin, March 31st, 12:53am

Once again, almost inevitably, the Blockchain Whisper’s premium signal membership price would be increased. This time to 0.127btc. Honestly, by this point, I was absolutely kicking myself for not joining earlier and seeing what incredible information must be contained within its doors.

As days passed, it became obvious how much value the premium Blockchain Whisper’s signal group contained…

The group administrator started to describe the team members he had working for him and their qualifications. The free Blockchain Whisper’s group was sent a long video that not only provided Bitcoin’s next price direction but a complete analysis and reasoning for this signal.

The team member who was tasked with explaining Bitcoin’s price movement was a trader who had worked in the finance department for over 10 years. Not to mention holding a Ph.D. in statistics.

Honestly, I was blown away by the high-level advisors that were working together to supply these free coin signals for everyone.

And as though this was not enough, a few days later it was announced that “Excavo” – the number 1 technical analyst on the popular – would now be joining and advising the Blockchain Whisper’s team.

Now I ask a question of all crypto-traders out there:

The 100% free value provided by this Blockchain Whisper’s signal team was continuing to rise exponentially.

“About 24 hours ago I bought a 1-year premium membership (at the time, 1.27 By the following advice from your premium channel over just the past 48 hours, I’ve now made my money back” I’m not a shill, just a regular guy. I hadn’t used any technical analysis advice previously and didn’t even know what technical analysis was!”
Craig V. February 15th, 10:09pm

Now I ask a question of all crypto-traders out there:

Quick, short-term trades are great… But what if you don’t have time to check you phone all day? Let alone be sitting at your laptop, ready and waiting to follow the coin buy and sell signals?

Well, funnily, that’s a problem I started to experience.

Lots of us are busy people. Between work and social life, it’s impossible to be glued to your phone all the time, waiting for the next coin-trade signal. This is something that the Blockchain Whisper’s administrator has taken into consideration.

In the last few months, he has been branching out – Not only providing quick, short-trades for easy profits, but advising his members on solid longer-term coins. Coins that have incredible projects and teams behind them.

Coins that are not expected to make the quick 20%, 40%, 75% profits that the free group members have come to expect, but coins that have every opportunity of making 1000%, 2000%, 5000% profits in 6, 12, 18 months’ time.

Take the coin Zilliqa (zil) as an example

I had personally identified this coin as ‘one for the future’. A project that has every likelihood of skyrocketing in value as the coin’s team continues their innovative, problem-solving work that their projects are focused on

For 1 month I researched this coin. I knew (almost) everything about it. And have purchased it heavily

On February 11th, there was a message about this Zilliqa coin on the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group. The administrator and his team had provided a lengthy post about all the fundamental and technical analysis points of the coin, its team, and its work projects.

This free Blockchain Whisper’s group had just provided even more thorough research than I was able to discover in an entire month of my own study and due diligence.

Not only that, the group administrator assured all the members that this Zilliqa coin would be listed on the Binance exchange. This information was posted almost an entire day before Binance announced Zilliqa’s listing on their website, on March 5th.

A Crystal Ball Into The Future?

As if all these different measures of success aren’t enough to pike anyone’s curiosity, I want to backtrack a couple of weeks. Specifically to a strange, strange message that the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group sent on February 15th.

On this day, the administrator and his team claimed that the coin NEM (ticker – XEM) would be listed on Binance exchange. Now, if you go and check Binance’s “announcement” page, you can verify for yourself that coin XEM was officially listed on March 20th. That’s well OVER 1 MONTH after the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group had been privy to this information

Where was this inside information coming from?

Who knows…

Please don’t assume this kind of incredible foresight into the future has been a one-off occurrence either. As if this XEM coin-listing prediction wasn’t convincing enough… Just 2 hours later the free signal’s group received another incredible claim. We were told that the coin SYS had also applied for listing on Binance exchange.

Again, this was on February 15th. You can once again check Binance’s “announcement” page and see that the SYS coin was listed a bit over 2 weeks ago, on March 28th.

Almost a month and a half AFTER our special little free signal’s group received this information

We all began to realize the power and knowledge of the team who ran this Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group. Likewise, it started to dawn on everyone that we were now part of a special group that had a source for advanced information that the general public simply doesn’t have access to.

To round out this unforgettable day of February 15th, the free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group was told to purchase WAX coin

The claim was that this WAX coin would soon JUMP 50% in price…

Check this out:

Another incredible coin signal for the free Blockchain Whisper’s group, before the price break-out
btc buy signal

The eventual sell signal wasn’t quite 50%. However, there were a few members who ignored the conservative sell signal and made closer to 70% profits by selling near the high of 0.0007066 Btc during this time period

“What the hell, WAX that… Roller-coaster ride while performing brain surgery. On profits.”
Anonymous, February 15th, 13:36pm

To round out our magic crystal ball experience, we look no further than March 16th at 2:33am. The Blockchain Whisper’s signal website receives information that the coin SRN has formed a partnership with Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei.

Anyone in the crypto world knows that real-life applications of a coin’s technology is sure to increase the coins value.

We now skip forward 6 days to March 22nd. This is when a Bloomberg article that announced the very same information about SRN and Huawei’s partnership is published. Yes, Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group members were well ahead of even a corporation like Bloomberg with this information.

From all the amazing advice that this free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group offers, I’ve also come to experience a warm human touch from the administrator and his analysis team.

On February 18th, a gift was released to all members in the free signal’s group.
There was anticipation about this free gift for well over a week leading up, as hints were dropped and curiosity was teased. Finally, an Amazon ebook was revealed to the group members.

Blockchain Decrypted For 2018 – How To Profit With Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Coins And Altcoins This Year” was written specifically for the members of the Blockchain Whisper’s free group. And after one day of being available on Amazon, (for a measly $3), it was made downloadable for FREE to everyone in the Telegram group.

[Blockchain Whisper’s Administrator] has been the reason I was able to buy my first house (in) cash with the profits he made me in Crypto. Listen and profit.
Alex, February 17th, 2018, Amazon Review

This book was a quick 15 minute read that educated both newbie and advanced traders alike in the fundamentals of crypto-trading. Readers were reminded of the common pitfalls of emotional investing, and bombarded with strategies to minimize our risk while navigating the uncertain tide of Bitcoin during this first half of 2018.

“This quick read is easily worth over 100 BTC. There are a few key points which, depending on your investment style will easily help you make BTC, hand over fist in 2018”
Ian Pena, February 17th, 2018, Amazon Review

To go with this invaluable information, the group administrator regularly posts educational research content to help direct his group members towards a stronger, independent crypto-trading education

We’ve seen reading recommendations and thought-provoking articles from the likes of Charlie Munger – the vice-chairman of 100 Billion dollar company “Berkshire Hathaway” – To insightful exerts from classic trading books like “Robert Edwards – Technical Analysis Of Stock Trends”

The dedication and caring shown towards his group member’s successful futures in crypto-trading never ceases to amaze me

Now, a final question I’m sure everyone is wondering about

I can happily say that I’ve now been part of the paid membership group for approximately 3 weeks…

“It’s my third day (in the premium signals group) and I am already up 1.2 BTC… I’m super conservative and never put more than 10 percent of my balance on any of your calls and I’m up 1.2 BTC. Your calls and discussion in you channel are invaluable”
A, February 26th, 5:16pm

Look, at the beginning of this article, one review stated that the premium group was basically the incredible free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group ON STERIODS. And so far I can confirm this without a shadow of a doubt

I really hope that the group administrator won’t be angry with me for sharing one of his premium coin picks, but I really must give you all an example of what goes on in the premium Blockchain Whisper’s group. On March 31st, the premium group was told to purchase the ONT coin as a mid-term hold.

Premium Coin

Yeah, as you can see, at one stage during this mid-term hold, the coin had already more than doubled in value…

A quick example of a mid-term hold coin-signal that the premium Blockchain Whisper’s group received

But honestly, I’m not here to write about and review the premium group. The free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group is incredible as it is, and I’d whole-heartedly suggest that you jump in and see what all the fuss is about

The best part about the Blockchain Whisper Telegram group?

Well, if you wait a few minutes after joining the Blockchain Whisper’s free signal group, Telegram will load the entire group history onto your phone. You can verify EVERYTHING I’ve shown to you today. I’ve included both dates and timestamps as best as I possibly could. That way you can verify everything I’ve written about and prove to yourself the incredible success of this free Blockchain Whisper’s signal group.

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The writer’s views are expressed as a personal opinion and are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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