Blockchain News

Challenges to Establish Security Tokens
By Leo Varnavas

Regulatory challenges of Security Tokens

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash We like to talk about digital coins and the tokenization of products services and pr...

BNB Reaches
By Carlos Terenzi

BNB Reaches New Highs After Binance Launches Own DEX And Blockchain Network

Binance announced that they launched testnet of Binance Chain. Shutterstock Images Binance, one of the largest and most...

Cosmic Messages
By Felix Kirui

Cosmic Messages: Allows Bitcoin Holders to Send Messages into Space

Cosmic Messages to allow communication into space. NASA/JPL Images By replacing Blockchain’s transmission via satel...

Washington Electronic Authentication Act
By Conor Bronsdon

Senate Bill 5638: What Does the New “Blockchain Bill” Mean for Washington State?

Washington Electronic Authentication Act would be revised by Senate Bill 5638 (SB 5638). Shutterstock Images On Janu...

Distributed Ledger Technologies
By Coin Review Staff

Maintain Digital Ledgers with Distributed Ledger Technologies & Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology Blockchain shares the information across the globe. Shutterstock Images Distributed Ledge...

Coin Burn
By Aiman Nazaal

Coin Burn as a Business Strategy and Consensus Algorithm

Coin Burn will ensure an healthy economic return for investors and traders. Image - Shutterstock Coin Burn represents ...

By Denet Lewis

How Decentralization Can Fuel A New Wave In Innovation

Decentralization is the future of technology! Image - There is no doubt that we are approaching a ti...

Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals
By Adolph Obasogie

In Latest Blockchain Whispers Review, Returns Hit 311 Percent in 12 Days

What crypto signals can do for investors cannot be in doubt in view of Blockchain Whispers market updates issued within ...

By Denet Lewis

How Blockchain is Impacting Our Life & Make Our World Better

Blockchains are the future; that much is certain. Even right now, it’s making major changes all over the world. Don’...

Blockchain is Driving
By Natalia Nowakowska

How Blockchain is Driving the Energy Innovation?

The blockchains distributed ledger technology has a potential to transform various industries from the financial sector ...

History Of Blockchain
By Daniel Nyairo

The Evolution of Blockchain Before Bitcoin

It is a common belief that life for blockchain began in October 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white p...

Hack Blockchain
By Brian Nibley

Why Blockchain Cannot Be Hacked No Matter How Hard You Try

Many people claim that cryptocurrency as a general concept will never succeed. If it threatens banks, then it will f...