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By Leo Varnavas | Crypto Trading

ICO: How it Will Help in Funding for Startups

ICOs is a fundraising tool which can help create your own tokens - Image: A Definition of ICOs When t...

Bitmex Binance Comparison
By Carlos Terenzi | Crypto Trading

BitMEX vs Binance: A Comparison Between Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Comparison between two recognized cryptocurrency exchange platforms BitMEX and Binance. Shutterstock images There are s...

Charlie Lee Dogecoin
By Brian Nibley | Crypto Trading

Charlie Lee States on the Record That “Dogecoin Has Value for Transactional Purposes”

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency used as a digital payment network for transaction. Shutterstock images Charlie Lee is the crea...

By Denet Lewis | Blockchain

How Decentralization Can Fuel A New Wave In Innovation

Decentralization is the future of technology! Image - There is no doubt that we are approaching a ti...

Discord Signals
By Adolph Obasogie | Crypto Trading

How Discord Crypto Signals can make you a Better Trader?

Overview Cryptocurrencies have seen explosive growth in the last few months. It is becoming more and more accepted as a...

ERC20 Tokens Ethereum
By Eddie Mitchell | Crypto Trading

A Brief Guide to ERC20 Tokens & why they are the Backbone of Ethereum

The introduction of the Ethereum network to the blockchain industry ecosystem has resulted in unparalleled levels of ado...

Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals
By Adolph Obasogie | Blockchain

In Latest Blockchain Whispers Review, Returns Hit 311 Percent in 12 Days

What crypto signals can do for investors cannot be in doubt in view of Blockchain Whispers market updates issued within ...

deribit vs bitmex
By Adolph Obasogie | Crypto Trading

Deribit vs. Bitmex Go Head-To-Head in Features, Strengths and Weaknesses

If you’re looking into entering the leverage trading game for cryptocurrencies, choices are limited. Bitmex is cur...

By Adolph Obasogie | News

Blockchain Whispers Official Statement, Tether Faces More Troubles as Top Crypto Drops in Market Price

The market today presents a mixed outlook with a slow movement in price and low-level activity. The leading Top 10 ...

Crypto markets
By Adolph Obasogie | News

The Tryst: CoinBase, Binance, and Tether – What You Need to Do

These are perilous times for Tether as its downswing seems to be unstoppable! The bad news is that this could plunge the...

Blockchain Whispers Prediction
By Adolph Obasogie | News

How Blockchain Whispers Predictions Earned 61% Subscribers on Bitmex?

The Cryptocurrency market witnessed a sell-off last week and for informed traders, it was a time to earn more than 61 pe...

By Adolph Obasogie | News

Crypto Markets Oscillating: Top 20 Coins & Tokens Except For USDT

The price of coins and tokens take a bounce as Bitcoin price surges. The crypto market is looking cheery at trading ente...

By Denet Lewis | Blockchain

How Blockchain is Impacting Our Life & Make Our World Better

Blockchains are the future; that much is certain. Even right now, it’s making major changes all over the world. Don’...

Bitcoin Price Manipulation
By Moss Clement | Bitcoin News

How the Bitcoin Price Manipulation puts Cryptocurrencies’ Trust at Risk?

A few years back when cryptocurrency was first introduced to the market, only a handful of invests took the plunge and i...

By Reginald Alango | Cryptocurrency

CoinPayments: Payment Processing Service for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the new evolution in the world today. Cryptos are really good but can sometimes turn out to be hard...

Bitmex Signals
By Adolph Obasogie | Crypto Trading

How Bitmex Signals Bring a Revolution in Crypto Trading?

Trading in cryptocurrencies, like with other more traditional financial assets, can be financially rewarding – If you ...

Cryptocurrency Charts Look Promising Again
By Adolph Obasogie | News

Cryptocurrency Charts Look Promising Again With the Top 50 Coins Moved Up

The new week of cryptocurrency trading looks promising for the array of coins and tokens as more than 50 percent of thes...

Security Tokens vs. Utility Tokens
By Jay Jackson | Cryptocurrency

Security Tokens vs. Utility Tokens: What is the Difference?

It’s no secret that tokenization has revolutionized the global investment landscape. As the world gradually embraces B...

Ethereum Upswing
By Adolph Obasogie | News

Prominent Analyst: Ethereum is Ready for an Upswing

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, next to Bitcoin. Well, it used to be. The value o...

Your Startup Business
By Moss Clement | Cryptocurrency

5 Ways to Grow Your Startup Business Using Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology has radically transform the way business owners - startups and entre...

Blockchain is Driving
By Natalia Nowakowska | Blockchain

How Blockchain is Driving the Energy Innovation?

The blockchains distributed ledger technology has a potential to transform various industries from the financial sector ...

History Of Blockchain
By Daniel Nyairo | Blockchain

The Evolution of Blockchain Before Bitcoin

It is a common belief that life for blockchain began in October 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white p...

Energy Consumption
By Sean Bourke | Cryptocurrency

Is It Worth Worrying About Crypto Energy Consumption?

Cryptocurrencies are often criticised for their high energy consumption. The counter argument to the problem with crypto...

top altcoins
By Benjamin Barasa | Cryptocurrency

Top Altcoins 2018: Pick Your Favorite Altcoin to Invest in 2018

Cryptocurrency environment is expanding each day. And as a result, new cryptocurrencies are materializing. In April 2017...

cryptocurrency trading
By Maxwell Moeller | Cryptocurrency

7 Best Mobile Apps for Greater Trading on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology has been a favorite talking point for quite some time. Tab...

By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

What are the Best Alternatives to

Introduction CoinMarketCap (CMC) has become a household name in the financial market. Table of Contents: Intro...

Hack Blockchain
By Brian Nibley | Blockchain

Why Blockchain Cannot Be Hacked No Matter How Hard You Try

Many people claim that cryptocurrency as a general concept will never succeed. If it threatens banks, then it will f...

smart contracts
By Leo Varnavas | Cryptocurrency

An Introduction To Smart Contracts in the Crypto World

When most of us hear the word “blockchain”, our minds usually go to Bitcoin. In fact, a lot of people still thin...

Blockchain Trilemma
By Scott Ashcroft | Blockchain

Breaking Down The Blockchain Trilemma to Maximize Fundamentals

The Trilemma is a condition which concerns the three fundamental principals of blockchain technology: security, scalabil...

Public vs Private Blockchains
By Josiah | Blockchain

Public & Private Blockchains – Identifying the Divergence

You cannot be a successful crypto investor or entrepreneur without acknowledging the differences between Public vs Priva...

blockchain oracles
By Carlos Terenzi | Blockchain

What is a Blockchain Oracle & How does it Work?

Introduction Blockchain technology has been expanding all over the world. This technology allows for smart contracts an...

Altcoin Season
By Robert Simkus | Cryptocurrency

Altcoin Season – How to be Prepared for the Season?

Cryptocurrencies had been losing interest from the time when prices were in all time high till now. But only experienced...

Books Blockchain Cryptocurrency
By Maxwell Moeller | Blockchain

7 Best Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Books You Must Read

Blockchain Cryptocurrency Books In the age of the internet, sometimes people forget about books. Books are full of esse...

By Maxwell Moeller | Cryptocurrency

HODL & Other Popular Terms Used In The Cyrptocurrency World

Like any niche, the world of cryptocurrency trading has all sorts of in-jokes and phrases. These words may be intimidati...

Metal Cryptocurrency
By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

Metal Cryptocurrency – What You Really Need To Know

Crypto is promising, obviously; but, it is even more obvious that the number of people investing in crypto are far less ...

dogecoin cryptocurrency
By Maxwell Moeller | Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin: Everything You Wanted to Know

When it comes to altcoins, projects other than Bitcoin, a majority of them are innovations in their respective industrie...

By Michael Goodluck | Cryptocurrency

Primecoin 101 Review: Here’s What You Need to Know

What is PrimeCoin? PrimeCoin is an innovative digital currency that introduces a proof-of-work technology based on scie...

bitcoin hacks
By Michele Mazibuko | Bitcoin News

5 Bitcoin Hacks that Shaped Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

No doubt when a single bitcoin cost around $0.06 in 2009, dropping a few percent in value wasn’t that big a deal. ...

bitcoin documentaries
By Maxwell Moeller | Bitcoin News

10 Bitcoin Documentaries that You Should Not Skip to Watch

Introduction To many, it seems that Bitcoin and blockchain are revolutionary new technologies that popped out of nowher...

Bittrex vs Poloniex
By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

Bittrex vs Poloniex: Which is a Better Digital Currency Exchange?

Bittrex and Poloniex are among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today. Poloniex came earlier before Bit...

By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

What are GameCredits? Everything a Newbie Should Know

Introduction There’s no denying it – cryptocurrencies are currently hot right now, including the breakthrough techn...

proof of stake
By Maxwell Moeller | Cryptocurrency

Which are the Most Profitable Proof of Stake (POS) Cryptocurrencies?

As you may know, cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology are built around community consensus. No on...

Bitcoin Loan Networks
By Adolph Obasogie | Bitcoin News

The Best Person-to-Person Bitcoin Loan Networks (Bitcoin P2P Loans)

Introduction The world has gone digital and there are many things we do now which avoids a long process before it gets ...

bitcoin myths
By Mauro Sacramento | Bitcoin News

Debunked: The Top 5 Bitcoin Myths & Misconceptions

It's hard to believe Bitcoin will be a decade old next year -- it seems as if it was yesterday the mysterious digital cu...

cryptocurrency exchange
By Hira Saeed | Cryptocurrency

How to Choose the Top Cryptocurrency Exchange?

You will find a huge list of cryptocurrency exchanges when searching over the internet. But, the question is that ca...

Blockchain explorer
By Ikemefula Aruogu | Blockchain

Transparency in Blockchain Transactions is Enabled Through Block Explorers

The difference between the level adoption of the various aspects of blockchain technology largely depends on the ease of...

Atomic Swap
By Joseph Guida | Bitcoin News

Atomic Swap Will Drop a Bomb on the Crypto Industry – Here’s Why

In late 2017, Bitcoin took the world by storm, but as the public began to learn about how many cryptocurrencies were ava...

centralized exchanges
By Alena Karpinskaya | Cryptocurrency

Are Centralized Exchanges getting Worst Enemy of Cryptocurrency?

What is Decentralized Exchange? Decentralized exchange - It is platforms and applications, which allows traders buy, s...

Create your Own Cryptocurrency
By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

Is It Possible To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency For Free?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are interlinked. The idea behind the blockchain is the formulation of new blocks. As new...

cryptocurrencies price factors
By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

Which Factors Contribute to the Change in the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

If you've looked into cryptocurrencies, you've undoubtedly seen the word "volatile[1]" mentioned a couple of times. ...

blockchain revolutionize social media
By Maxwell Moeller | Blockchain

What is Blockchain & How it is Going to Transform Social Media?

Social media may seem like the most significant innovation in a long time. However, we could consider blockchain to be s...

Tax-Free Crypto Countries
By Brian Polanco | Cryptocurrency

Tax-Free Crypto Countries: These Countries Have 0% Tax on Bitcoin/Cryptos

Since the beginning of time one common denominator in all societies is that if you go to a new country, there are new la...

Bitcoin Wallets
By Adolph Obasogie | Wallets

The Best Bitcoin Wallets To Store Your Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency with a 40 percent share of the total coins and tokens market capitalization...

By Ikemefula Aruogu | Cryptocurrency

MasterNodes Review: How are Masternodes Useful for Cryptocoin Investors?

The emergence of Cryptocurrencies has left in its wake multiple innovations of financial technology and opportunities. O...

Waves Cryptocurrency
By Bebeto Nyamwamu | Cryptocurrency

Why You Should be Excited about ‘WAVES’ Cryptocurrency?

Do you know that you can access token storage, trade, and issuance solutions on one platform? What is 'Waves' Cryptocur...

The Shipping And Logistics Industry
By Paul Elmo Keenan | Blockchain

Can Blockchain Tech Solve The Problems That Mire The Shipping & Logistics Industry?

The logistics and freight movement industry have just as much to gain from the implementation of blockchain technology a...

Bitcoin Gold Fork
By Felix Kirui | Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Gold Fork – Learn [New Strategies] to 2X Your Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)? The Bitcoin cryptocurrency forked to create Bitcoin Gold, in a bid to reduce the coin's min...

Trans Fee Mining
By Matthew Willemsen | Cryptocurrency

Trans-Fee Mining: The Second Wave of Crypto Exchange Tokens

The crypto exchange sector is undergoing a shake-up. And why not? After all, the space has proven to be hugely profitabl...

bitcoin debit cards
By Bebeto Nyamwamu | Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Debit Cards – What You Need To Know

Since the inception of Bitcoin, the blockchain has been revolutionary in its bid to give its clients a path to financial...

By Adolph Obasogie | Cryptocurrency

How Is ICO Model Beneficial To Start-Ups And Small Businesses?

You probably have heard about ICO at one time or the other and maybe you have even stumbled on it while browsing the int...

Telegram Channels
By Maxwell Moeller | Crypto Trading

Why Telegram Channels Are Best for Crypto Trading Signals

Late last year, Bitcoin blew up in the public eye. This caused the price to rise significantly before crashing hard soon...

Ethereums Proof Of Stake
By Brian Polanco | Cryptocurrency

Proof Of Stake: What Does It Mean For Ethereum?

Currently, ethereum works by having miners verify transactions with computational power. This is what's known as ethereu...

Cryptocurrencies Does Ledger Wallet Support
By Adolph Obasogie | Wallets

What is Ledger Wallet & Which Coins are Supported by Ledger Wallet?

If you’re a novice with cryptocurrencies and this whole cryptocurrencies’ wallet business still sounds strange to yo...

Do Crypto Trading Bots Affect Cryptocurrency Market
By Adolph Obasogie | Crypto Trading

Do Crypto Trading Bots Affect Cryptocurrency Market?

What are the factors that affect the price and value of Cryptocurrencies? This is a basic question that you would expect...

By Janica SJ | Cryptocurrency

8 Facts Associated with Initial Coin Offering Investment

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a relatively novel form of fundraising involving the exchange of future digital assets...

Blockchain Technology Benefits
By Adolph Obasogie | Blockchain

Blockchain Technology Benefits – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As the case with new inventions, what is known about the blockchain is wrongly described by many people. The blockcha...

Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange
By Moss Clement | Cryptocurrency

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

The fact that cryptocurrencies abound in the digital currency circle has made the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms...

Blockchain Whispers
By Maxwell Moeller | Blockchain

Blockchain Whispers: The #1 Best Telegram Channel for Crypto Trading Signals

About Blockchain Whispers Today, I write to you as an extremely skeptical crypto-trader who needs to share a story of...

By Adolph Obasogie | Crypto Trading

Top Crypto Trading Signals Channels

The best cryptocurrency signals channels are reputed for timely notifications and leads that help subscribers make money...