Cosmic Messages: Allows Bitcoin Holders to Send Messages into Space

Blockchain technology company, Blockstream, has announced that its satellite's message Application Programming Interface (API) Beta is now on the mainnet. This means that Bitcoin users from some of the remotest regions of the earth can now broadcast messages through the space using satellites.
Cosmic Messages

Cosmic Messages to allow communication into space. NASA/JPL Images

By replacing Blockchain’s transmission via satellite, Blockstream aims to solve blockchain’s dependence on the internet.

Its first satellite was launched in 2017 with a sole intention of allowing people to access bitcoins without an active internet connection.

Blockstream[1] has been working to develop the infrastructure for areas with limited internet accessibility.

While it was first available to Europe, Africa, and the Americas, Blockstream announced the expansion of their coverage to the Asia-Pacific region in December 2018.

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Reaching the Unreached

There’s also more to these satellites than just reaching the remotest parts of the earth. Reaching out to civilizations that are probably millions upon millions of miles away from us has been the apex of science fiction fantasies.

Scientists continue to discuss the possibility of life beyond the earth, but we are yet to succeed in communicating with external life forms. Blockstream may help change the course of history forever.

But how great can it be to send a message out in the celestial world without government or NASA restriction? Obviously cool, right?

Send Messages into Outer Space

Send Messages into Outer Space

Send messages using leased satellites operated by Blockstream. NASA/JPL Images

Powered by blockstream satellite client- the technology enables bitcoin users to send messages using leased satellites operated by Blockstream.

The development depicts a growing enthusiasm for moving data, Crypto outer space, and value. Besides sending messages, technology allows users to make bitcoin transaction without being connected.

Many observers have said that the communication system still looks recreational; mimicking the ancient ways of sending messages in a bottle across the seas and oceans to a random recipient.

In a similar fashion, Blockstream’s technology enables users to send cosmic messages to millions of people world over, but without the knowledge of those who will eventually read it or the messages’ final destination.

Spacebit has a simple user interface which makes it quite easy for tech heads and crypto enthusiasts to craft their messages and send them to space. When sent, the message speeds through space via the satellite that transmits it.

While technology has only existed for a small amount of time, interesting studies have been made. One message hurled into space in early January featured a journal of an unknown person’s (probably an early cryptocurrency adopter) impulsive thoughts about bitcoin and life. It was written in a diary style with days plotted:

“I kept a small amount of attention on bitcoin, and in 2016-2017, started following it closely, playing on testnet, and getting my skin in the game in 2017. The last year was amazing, I learned a lot, sent my first lightning testnet payment in early 2018, and was blown away, and got dizzy of the possibilities of the fast, cheap bitcoin micropayment possibilities. So here I am, left my job, I have some money to keep me up, and I’m building my first raspberry pi lightning node, and broadcasting messages from satellites. Still feels surreal at times” the message reads, as recovered by ‘Grumbles[2],’ who uses Blockstream satellite and frequently tweets about technology

The technology seems to be working pretty neat so far. If the data on the Blockstream website[3] is anything to go by, many users are sending messages through the system, indicating its rising popularity. The technology is currently in testnet, but MediumSqueeze believes it will soon move to Bitcoin’s live network where it can be used with the real Bitcoin.

In active Development

Blockstream released a software update[4] in December last year. The upgrade and its new application programming interface now allow people to send messages using their own satellites. According to MediumSqueeze, the current API returns a lightning network invoice based on the user’s message.

The message is then sent to the satellite teleport before the payload gets broadcasted to the satellite array. While users currently pay their fees in lightning, developers are working on a new payment network being built on top of bitcoin.

The platform is at its early stages-and still experimental but has attracted massive interest from crypto followers.

Once the new payment system is launched, the fee paid will correspond to the amount of message contained in the message being sent.

For instance, you may spend more posting an image than sending a simple sentence; an image obviously carries more data.

It undeniable that the technology may be lacking in practicability, but some developers believe that it is opening up new avenues and potentially giving way to innovations.

According to Ansel Lindner, a Bitcoin podcast host, the technology could encourage whistleblowers to expose the rot in corporations and governments through anonymous messages, meaning they will not be censored.

While speaking to Coindesk[5], Lindner says unlike before, whistleblower’s messages will not be stopped by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Mainstream media outlets, or governments:

“Posting it on a third party site like social media is censorable, even with an anonymous account. Your own website would be less so, but they can find you more easily. Encrypted message/email or whatever would be censorable by going after a few people. Broadcasting it globally would be very hard to stop.”

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What the Future Holds

So, can we expect in the future? As aforementioned, the technology is still in its trial stages but the amount of messages broadcasted within the first few months of existence is a strong indication of the rising adoption.

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The technology is expected to draw even more attention once the site upgrades to bitcoin’s live network which will enable payment in the form of the actual bitcoins.

But what’s really the point of it? Is there a practical reason to send messages to the space using bitcoins? It could be a bit of both, but MediumSqueeze holds that the current platform is ‘just for fun.’If you are wondering where this is going, the bounds to human ingenuity are limitless – anything is possible.

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