How Blockchain Whispers Predictions Earned 61% Subscribers on Bitmex?

Blockchain Whispers Predictions, 61.72% profit in the pocket of those who followed 'BitMEX Position Calculator'
Blockchain Whispers Prediction

The Cryptocurrency market witnessed a sell-off last week and for informed traders, it was a time to earn more than 61 percent returns.

Blockchain Whispers alerts let in subscribers on the impending price slide and those who followed the lead reaped the gains with Bitmex positions.

The lead made a difference as premium subscribers quickly took the initiative by placing their BTC positions in USDT.

For newbies, USDT is the premier stable coin in the market today, and with less volatility, it became a safe haven.

61.72% profit in the pocket of those who followed.

The predicted Sicario move was accurate as the Bitmex safe levels were put at $6690 and the Binance safe limits were $6720. At such safety lines, it was clear that the market was going to go bearish. Thanks to Blockchain Whispers, the dip occurred with the market seeing red all through last week[1].

It did seem that many people did not envisage the price slump coming until it was too late. However, this is a clear indication on the need to follow trusted crypto signals. With prompts from whale insiders, you can be sure you will not be swept away by the market tide.

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The Outlook for the Week

The trading for the week has opened and it is all looking green at the moment with signs of recovery all over the charts.


The holders of TUSD seem to be on the safer side as the market tide sways against USDT with the Bitfinex minuses ruining a good run[2].

For traders looking for the right lead on how to beat the market, Blockchain Whispers offers the best bet.

Anyone looking to see how critical the market might move in the next couple of days will do well to jump on the crypto signals from the marker insiders.

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