Gold Bullion Meets With Case Onegold Hits The Market

Apmex developed the e-platform for the sales and trading of Onegold so that cryptocurrency traders can take advantage of the potentials of precious metals.

Gold Bullion- buy the most precious commodity by using cryptocurrencies

Onegold operates a bullion marketplace online that makes it possible for precious metals to be bought using cryptocurrencies. Before this time, fiat money was the only accepted means on the platform for investor and traders.

The company has an array of gold and silver products that are marketed online.

The distinctive with these products is that they are backed up by verifiable physical metals held in custody at the Royal Canadian Mint. Traders and investors who decide to redeem their investment can do so through Apmex.

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The Partnerships

Onegold accepts the use of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash to buy precious metals using its blockchain-driven platform.

Apmex developed the e-platform for the sales and trading of precious metals so that investors can take advantage of the potentials of precious metals.

One gold stores precious metals in physical vaults and makes this available to investors using electronic bullions. So, an investor can buy precious metals on Onegold and take advantage of the platform to trade and sell same.

Over the years, Bitpay has developed a specialty in the use of cryptocurrencies for e-commerce settlement and now, Onegold is in the picture. Apmex and Bitpay have shared integration widgets that make it possible for crypto users to explore the Apmex advantage.

With the launch of Onegold, Apmex had a chance to deepen their partnership with Bitpay, and this has become a reality.

Onegold by APMEX

Onegold by APMEX now accepts Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payments powered by BitPay

The Global Bullion Buyers Cry

Bullion buyers[1] across the globe have become more diverse and widespread in the last decade. The rise of cryptocurrencies and its adoption by the millennials and Gen X has opened new possibilities across the continents.

In the last five years, the upwardly mobile and tech-savvy class across the globe have amassed a considerable haul of crypto. As they look for new ways to hedge their holdings and get the best out of their investments, the gold advantage beckoned.

An important class of global investors[2] that the Onegold partnership will appeal to comprises many people with credit card processing difficulties. Another class is the crypto-loving group who would not want to lose fees in exchanging crypto for fiat before investment.

By providing gold-backed crypto as a trading and investment option, Onegold has a unique allure that merges the ease of the blockchain with the time-honored gold appreciation value.

A Fight with ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds

How the OneGold transaction algorithm works; see the transparency & security of OneGold transaction. Image/The Onegold system.

Exchange traded funds are faced with a loss of market share with the Onegold intrusion into the investment space. ETFs[3] have an underlying security from which they derive their worth. Onegold will issue cryptos whose underlying value are tied to distinct and tangible gold.

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In terms of security, Onegold is cryptographically secured and open for examination on the distributed ledger.

This makes its operations transparent and yet, secure. In terms of marketability, Onegold is easy to buy, transfer, redeem or hold with the assurance of physical gold backing not in dispute.

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Last Words

In summary, since redeeming Onegold comes through by the click of a mouse, its advantages compared to the other ETFs is appreciable. Our world is now cyber-driven, and blockchain alongside digital products are surely gaining the upper hand.

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