Privacy Policy

On this page, the terms, “we”, “our” and “us” refers to our business as represented by this website. By using our website and services, you consent to the collection and use, disclosure and review of information about you.

We have stated our privacy policies on this page, and this regulates our aggregation, usage, and disclosure of information regarding our website users. The same applies to users of our mobile applications and email notifications.

Using Our Website

Your visit to our website does not require the disclosure of your personal information. It is your decision to reveal personal information to us by filling our forms or agreeing to email notifications. We track all visitors to our website by mapping the Internet address of domains that link to us. We analyze the data resulting from website visits for statistical purposes.

When you complete forms on our website, we collect the data provided and store them on our machines and database. The data also helps us to address your future transactions as they arise.

Your stored data may include phone details, contact address, email address, and payment methods or related data. In the course of the processing of your data, third party handlers who process your requests might also access them.

Use of Cookies and Tracking Tools

Our web pages make use of tracking tools and cookies directed at ensuring that your user experience is optimized. Our tracking tools and cookies are attached to your browser as you use our website. It is important that you realize that user preferences are enhanced with acceptance of our cookies.

There are recurring forms for comments and posts on our websites that you do not have to fill each time you are on our website. When you decline our cookies, it might mean filling these details on each visit.

In our collection of your personal data, we are guided by your decision to allow us to collect such. Your refusal to allow us to collect your details will not preclude you from accessing our website. Your acceptance of our cookies and collection of your personal data does not mean you cannot opt-out. You can disable our cookies from your browser at any time. You can also notify us of your decision to stop receiving any communication from us when you so decide.

We do not sell your personal data as provided to us in the course of registration for any service on our website or disclose them to third parties if you do not consent to this action. The only exception to this rule is by the intervening action of lawful or legal processes as applicable under Common Law, and comparable Jurisprudence.

You can opt-out of Google Analytics data collection with the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Other Data Use Scenario

Other scenarios that may give rise to sharing your personal data include:

Our Website Sponsors

In our relationship with service providers on our website, we allow the use of third-party trackers that can access your data. While personal information cannot be accessed by such devices, they might be to access your user preferences. All websites across the globe with third-party functionalities like Facebook and Google collect your data in the same manner.

You should be aware that by clicking on promotional links, texts, and banners on our website; you might be led to third-party portals. In-site promotions might enable you to receive benefits attached to them. In this instance, promoters or sponsors of contests will require your information for purposes of verification of service requests as the case may be.

Litigation and Acts of the Law

We advise you to adhere to the lawful use of all information collected on our website at all times. In the course of any litigation that may arise, we are at liberty to provide information that will protect the legal rights of our users as well as service providers on our website. This might necessitate the provision of your personal data as already made available to us.

We may also transfer your details to a third party if we are involved in a merger or sale of the business at any time.

If in any case, a need arises for disclosure of personal data as stated above, we may notify you via email address of the need to extend your cooperation to the concerned agencies.

Job Application

We might retain your personal details if you applied for any position with us at any point in time. While we cannot say how long your details will be on file, we will need such to evaluate your application and suitability for your desired position.

Third-party agencies might have access to your details in the course of screening your application on our behalf.

Data Protection

We have a duty to protect your information by making use of available technological tools, software, anti-virus, anti-malware, and other anti-phishing packages. While we take the outlined steps to prevent unauthorized access to data on our website or servers, we cannot guarantee that the will be foolproof.

We will continue to update our data safety features as improved technologies are released and brought to our knowledge.

Changes to Privacy Policies

We might make changes to our privacy policies, and they will take effect as soon as they are posted on this page. It is your duty to check for these changes as they are disclosed on our website.

We are open to inquiries on changes that might be made from time to time. We will respond to your correspondence within 7 days of receipt.