5 Ways to Grow Your Startup Business Using Cryptocurrency Market

Discover how the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology can help you grow your startup business faster as an early adopter.
Your Startup Business

The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology has radically transform the way business owners – startups and entrepreneurs conduct businesses in recent years.

With the decentralised digital currency system, the crypto market has brought about a new way of transacting business, in terms of:

  • Raising capital
  • Making investments
  • Saving money
  • Etc.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology has become the savior for startups and investors in 2018 and beyond, by offering a decentralized breakthrough in financial technology.

The question here is …

As a startup, entrepreneur, or an investor, are you taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market?

Are you one of the early adopters of the blockchain technology?

To answer those questions, let us consider how startups can benefit from the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology.

1. Raising Initial Capital

The problem many startups are dealing with is “raising capital” for their business.

But that does not hold anymore as the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology have successfully shattered the process of how startups raise early capital.

It has become so simple that, by having the initial coin offerings (ICO’s), you as a startup can raise your initial capital with ease from investors around the world.

For example, back in 2014, Vitalik Buterin[1], a Canadian teenager, set out to raise funds for his startup (Ethereum), which he co-founded with Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Lorio, and Charles Hoskinson via an initial coin offering (ICO).

His primary goal was to improve on blockchain technology and setup a platform where users can build incredible blockchain applications.

Was he able to raise his startup capital, you may wonder?…

He only had a white paper, and with that he successfully raise $18 million for his startup, and by early this year, January 2018, it was valued at more than $100 billion.

Terrific, isn’t it…

It is a lot easier to raise capital today because a company’s valuation in the market can be seen practically instantly as shares are issued and tokens are traded.

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2. Secured Transaction Without a Third-Party Verification

With Bitcoin and other crypto currencies being accepted by over 100,000[2] companies and businesses globally, the need to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market ideas has never been more important.

For startups using cryptocurrencies, they can easily avoid the traditional global bank-to-bank transaction issues of slow cash payments.

In fact, a recent study reveals that over 40% of small business[3] owners reported cash flow issues within the past year.

But with cryptocurrency, you can avoid this issue, because the cryptocurrency market uses decentralized blockchain technology that is encrypted and well secured.

It only takes a few seconds to transact your business with cryptocurrency without the need for a third-party verification, while banking transactions might take up to 3 ~ 7 days, depending on the transaction type.

Consequently, startups who choose to opt in to the cryptocurrency market have added advance over their competitors who are still using the traditional system of payment.

Secured Transaction

3. Accountability and Transparency

Why are global investors opting into the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology?

The answer…

Because all transactions are clearly seen on a public ledger. That is where accountability and transparency comes to play.

The blockchain technology is geared to make the cryptocurrency market the most efficient platform, thus, it is so transparent that it serves as a motivational force that attracts startups and investors. Why?

Because all transactions are secured and encrypted without a singular person having the power to exploit it.

As with almost all startups, investors, and business owners, being busy with daily activities can hinder you from keeping tabs with your investments and daily transactions.

However, as a cryptocurrency marketer, blockchain helps you validate all your cryptocurrency transaction.

*Important Note* Although cryptocurrency and blockchain have a striking resemblance and are always used or mentioned together, they are very different[4] (not the same).

But they’re like bread and peanut butter, working together, hand-in-hand.

4. A Secured Data System for Startups

Recently, the Gartner Inc., released a report of the world wide spending on data security.

The report noted that by 2017, data security spending will tople $86.4 billion[5], a 7% increase of the total spending in 2016.

Gartner further pointed out that by 2018 the data security spending will skyrocket to over $90 billion.

In another post, the Gartner News Release noted that by 2020[6], 100% of big brands and enterprises will be reporting to board of directors on issues partaking to cybersecurity risk.

Secured Data System

That’s not all…

Furthermore, the Cyber Scurity Ventures[7] has predicted that by 2021, the global spending on cybersecurity products such as “Internet-of-Things” (IOT) will reach a whooping $1 trillion.

Hence, as you can see, cybersecurity risks has infiltrated every online organization and has become the primary point of interest for organizations and businesses.

What is more is that, cybersecurity protocol is not always under the direct control of IT experts and institutions.

However, with the credible and trusted security systems of blockchain technology, investors and startups in the cryptocurrency market need not to worry, because their investments and all valuable information are secured in the blockchain technology ledger.

In fact, blockchain technology is now the go-to avenue for businesses, organizations, companies, and people like you to store their valued information. Why?

Because it is a trustworthy digital registry of undertakings that can be provided with coded instructions to automatically record every data from financial proceedings to any valuable information you can think of.

Once your data is stored in the blockchain ledger, it is automatically encrypted with the latest cryptographic techniques.

And the best part, …

When data is stored in the system, it can only be accessed by major-decisive apparatus that authenticate identification before allowing access.

Therefore, as a startup cryptocurrencies, this will benefit you greatly because blockchain is a distributed set-up that cannot be operated by a solitary unit, organization, institution, or one established body.

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5. Amazing investment Rewards

One amazing thing about cryptocurrency is that it serves as an investment opportunity that can skyrocket your financial portfolio in less time.

For instance, if you bought ten Bitcoins back in 2010 when it was just around $1, today your earnings would be about $63,600 according to current market value of $6,360 for one Bitcoin.

Amazing investment Rewards

Interestingly, many countries have recognize cryptocurrency as a remarkable financial investment opportunity for their citizens.

To back this up, Venezuela recently launched[8] its own digital currency, the “Virtual Petro,” becoming the first country in the world to develop its own official cryptocurrency.

Other countries like Japan and Switzerland view cryptocurrency as legal tender.

So, with cryptocurrencies taking over the digital marketing landscape, now is the best time to invest in the cryptocurrency market and reap the benefits of your investment later on.

Wrapping Up

The cryptocurrency market is a unique platform for startups to make investments.

As we have seen from this article, many big brands like Microsoft, PayPal, OverStock, etc, are currently using digital currencies.

In other words, they have adopted cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, making cryptocurrencies a phenomenal investment market with fascinating rewards.

As a startup, now is the best time to make inroads to the cryptocurrency market. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity that’s in front of you!

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