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Gold Bitcoin
By Roland Bartalus

Crucial Privacy & Security Concerns on Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange is still dealing with some privacy and security issues. This article provid...

Investors must be mourning
By Jenny Kings

QuadrigaCX CEO, Gerald Cotten Took $190 Million of Cryptocurrency to the Grave

Investors must be mourning on the death of Gerald Cotten as crypto exchange won’t repay $190 Million to their clien...

Targeted Attacks
By Carlos Terenzi

Cryptopia Exchange Got Hacked & Stole $2.4 Million in ETH Tokens

The number of targeted attacks on crypto exchanges may rise, need to secure your fund. Shutterstock Images The New Zeal...

By Coin Review Staff

Ethereum (ETH) Hard Fork – A Complete Guide for New Hard Fork of January 2019

Constantinople hard fork is an extensive update in the ethereum blockchain. The rise of cryptocurrenci...

Bitcoin Dominance
By Coin Review Staff

What Was Ebb & Flow of Bitcoin in 2018 and What It Holds in 2019?

Get ready to invest on Bitcoin as its price is going to rise again. Shutterstock Images Bitcoin is the currency of the ...

Facebook Cryptocurrency
By Maria Vovchok

Facebook is Designing Cryptocurrency for Transferring Money via WhatsApp

Facebook cryptocurrency would enable WhatsApp users to transfer money. Let's Have a Look From Retrospe...

By Daniel Nyairo

Can Cryptos be a Replacement for Patreon Censorship?

Payment Protocols should be clear when you go for online transaction. Shutterstock Images There is a mass exodus going ...

Ethereum Classic
By Darren Kleine

Things to Learn from 51% Attacks on Ethereum Classic

Cryptocurrency community shocked after 51% attack against Ethereum Classic. Shutterstock images On January 7, Ethereum ...

Proof Of Keys
By Darren Kleine

Proof of Keys – A Declaration for Monetary Sovereignty

To avoid mismanagement or fall victim, its necessary to take possession of your assets. Shutterstock Images Fractional ...

Crypto Anti Money Laundering
By Jenny Kings

Crypto Tightens up Its Anti-Money Laundering Efforts; Bank Suffer the Weight of Fines

Money laundering is becoming common in cryptocurrency these days. The Cryptocurrency revolution is s...

Cryptocurrency Losses Heists
By Adolph Obasogie

2018 was a Year of Huge Losses to Cryptocurrency Heists

Many incidents of cryptocurrency hacks happen in 2018 that shook the crypto market. Shutterstock/Images A market repor...

By Reginald Alango

CoinPayments: Payment Processing Service for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the new evolution in the world today. Cryptos are really good but can sometimes turn out to be hard...